Wednesday, 30 March 2016

10 Anti-theft alarm, automatic activation compact
deactivation, Shock Sensor Alarm, of a voltage reduction (of the opening doors, ceiling, moteur..)
The simplest of alarms of the contract to install
installation takes 5 minutes Simply attach the siren under the bonnet and the Plug Wire on the terminal Red and black wire to the Battery Terminal -
. Your vehicle is now protected!
a 120 decibel siren compact
two remote control 2 buttons
Self-programming of the codes for the remote control (the old codes demand in the event of loss)
Shock Sensor 2 stages
Adjustable shock sensor (8 levels of sensitivity) Adjustable PIR detects
voltage reduction (the opening of the door, the start of the vehicle) activation
deactivation Silent sound or automatic activation/deactivation of the approach of the vehicle (optional) off
out with or without the detection of shock
function of the vehicle
panic function

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